Vancouver's Second Beach Sunset

500 Days of Summer, and Vancouver

Vancouver, you’ve been my Pride and Prejudice. You’ve shown me my worst and my best; you’ve shown me humanity’s high and low.

Thanks for everything. I’m ready to take on the world, and I’m ready to find my 100 years of solitude. 

A Taste of West Coast (West Coast Trail, Jun 7-9)

Hike of a lifetime.

I can still smell those dried, salty seaweed burning in the sun by the ocean.

I can still see the steep ladders leading to a beautiful waterfall right on the beach.

I can still hear Mikey and his friend seeing their Nation’s song and playing traditional game with us.

I can still feel the warmth of bonfire flames right on my face, red & white cedar wood burning – the most wonderful wood scent I’ve ever encountered. 

The Commitment

Love requires a commitment to meet the challenge of dealing with another human being. My mother came back to Vancouver…