June 14th @London,UK


Now I’m sitting in a café, my favourite one in London, Pret a Manger, just across LSE. Walking for this whole afternoon makes my feet burn for a while. It’s the old city, yet with new feelings and.. say, insights. The first time I came here, I had no experience of travelling solo, so every move was casual. Missed the Buckingham Palace again this time, but we will see if tomorrow it will happen.


这次飞机是在Gatwick(LGW)降落的。不如Heathrow方便。我不小心错过了预定的去伦敦的车票,只得在机场充值交通卡Oyster Card,坐火车去London Victoria。只要八磅,早知道就不定之前的汽车票了。伦敦的车站枢纽一如既往地拥挤,我都不敢停下来看自己是不是走在正确的方向上。好在大致方位没有错误,总算把自己运到sohostel。能住在SoHo也让我彻底感受到了伦敦人夜生活的丰富……和……多彩。




IMG_8862IMG_8882IMG_8883IMG_8889IMG_8898今晚看了罗密欧与朱丽叶的剧,突然觉得莎翁的台词都很黄!满嘴跑火车,呜呜呜。I’ve never read the original script of Romeo and Juliet, but this play was really touching and moving. Although I did have heard about this story for million times, Cinderella cast did a good job interpreting the classic in a not-so-serious way. Impressive. This last scene when they miss the timing of waking and dying, I was desperate, just like them… IMG_8907

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