June 15th @ London & Liverpool, UK

Morning jogging in Central London! Whoo that was fun. First time using Strava to track my route, and it was quite a struggle to run on the street. Much harder than doing it on a treadmill.

From SoHo, to Buckingham Palace, through Royal Parks (St. James), then Churchill War Room all the way to Big Ben (not so far actually). And across the bridge, it ends at London Eye.



【This was really hard for me, I stopped for several times just to think that I cannot do this. Even though, I have decided to make exercise as a constant during my trip, so I won’t give up. In Liverpool I will jog more and find a better/more iconic route】

Still, it’s an amazing city. Do I belong here? Studying or working here is kinda dream I have all the time. I don’t have a good accent, or extraordinary skills. Minor setback. Living expense is also quite high. Now I’m so jealous of that guy who worked at Barclays’ before.无论如何,我还欠着那一次坐伦敦眼的机会,我还会再来的!






Liverpool city centre has bricks and stones as street, which makes feel very cozy, just like hometown – West Lake. After the pouring rain, not many people went on the street. With all the landmarks on the signs, there was no difficulty to find Cavern Club, where Beatles started.

Well, it’s my first time in a pub, alone! And that was when I felt something as cons during a solo trip. In the club everyone has date/company/friends/family, while I myself, alone, feeling like an outsider. Thanks to the guitar player and singer, whose voice made every minute of awkwardness less obvious to myself.


More than that, the fish and chips here are so cheap that I cannot believe it. 3 pounds which I need to have two meals to finish. Worth it. Bet that’s what I would rely on for the next two days!


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