June 17th @Liverpool & Edinburgh

Honestly, today I spent most of my time on bus to Edinburgh. It was a long ride.

BUT I did jog this morning, and saw this city in the same time. I started with Cathedral around Science Institute, then made a circle to University of Liverpool at Victoria Gallery & Museum. Going through the whole UL, I got to see Walker Art Gallery, Central Library & World Museum. This is the best part of Liverpool to me. I adore their library.



Writing postcards is the end note. For every city. Three post cards were sent today, and I hope they could get their own post in a month.

On my way to Edinburgh, I’ve seen beautiful mountain and farm views all along. The high land will be much more impressive, right? Too bad that I don’t have time for that on this trip. Maybe next time when I go visit cousin in York.

When our bus approached the Edinburgh bus station, I saw all the statues on the main street, and a beautiful castle on the hill. Guess that’s where I’m going for tomorrow!

Night night.



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