June 18th @ Edinburgh, Scotland

A full day in Scotland started around noon.


In the afternoon, I went to Royal Miles and Calton Hill first. The view is amazing. Most iconically on the hill, seeing Holyrood Park and Edinburgh Castle.

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Then I made my way to Whiskey Experience tour, and I actually have learnt a lot about lowland/highland/speyside/islay whiskey. Also a shot blended, but it was too strong for me so I pour some water to do with it. After a shot, I felt somehow a fire in my stomach, but I was still conscious. That was point I decided to clime on to Arthur’s Seat, which is also today’s exercise.


Started from Southwest corner, because I’ve heard that is the easiest way to do it. At first, there wasn’t much elevation, so very slowly I’ve seen some further away buildings and architectures.


Then a climbing-on part began, I got to see a bit more, but not very impressively.


I was hesitated, should I carry on? It looked like there was much more to go on.

Everyone around me was heading up. Should i?

Then I realized, if I turned around at that time, I wouldn’t have a chance to see it in one year.

So I started again.


This time, I made it all the way up, to Arthur’s Seat.

It wasn’t like hiking in Grouse Mountain, with stairs all along. There are some real stiff rocks to step on, and ever step matters.

I saw a loch on my way back, which was lovely.


Tonight, I ended me time in Edinburgh with writing postcards and having dinner at a thai restaurant with my flat mate, Rya. She is a master student at UE, and she is so nice that I feel comfortable sharing my life and journey with her. I also got to know more about University of Edinburgh, which is a good thing if I wanna come back sooner or later!

Tomorrow, Dublin, Ireland~!

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