Mind-blowing, Glasgow-ing. (Glasgow, Aug 31st)

IMG_7211August is going to an end. Meaning, summer is gonna be wrapped up soon. I grabbed the tail tip of August, boarding on a train to Glasgow before heading to school in September.

On my last two trips to UK and Europe, honestly, I totally skipped Glasgow, just because I thought Edinburgh would well conclude Scotland (and trust me, it cannot). Now looking back, that was a big mistake I made.

Glasgow has flesh and blood.


Medieval Glasgow has reserved a wealth of historical sites, while in good relation with modern buildings and facilities. George Square gives me the first impression as “approachable.” You walk towards it so naturally, and you just sit down on a bench and start people watching. Even though it is a traffic-heavy area. Pigeons chill on the figures’ heads, so chill that James Watt already got white hair.


Several steps away, Gallery of Modern Art just jumps out in front of you. (It weirdly resembles the feeling I got when encountering British Museum for the first time.) This museum is STEAK. Seriously. The way everything exhibited and related is so effortless. The design of galley itself is intertwined and well-defined, as shown in the picture, the constant pattern keeps thoughts streaming while exploring.

And you can always find something artsy every corner you turn. Something.


Along River Clyde, you will be amazed by the architecture and environmental design. The bridges give me the impulse to go across every single time. Why is that?

And any building you see on this side, you want to go across the river and shoot it from a distance.


I also visited a few other museums and galleries, which will be mentioned later.


I have to live by water. I was born and raised in cities with lake, river, and sea. Glasgow has beautiful River Clyde, with stunning belts and necklaces (all the bridges) on it. Moreover, amazing planning on both sides. It is full of creativity, love, and inclusiveness. Riverside Museum shows the evolution of transport and how people interact with their environment. As I walked around inside the museum, I wanted to take my little brother here cuz it offers such a good learning experience. Kelvingrove Art Gallery is even more. I was lucky to have a museum guide who is proudly Scottish, and she made this visit so information-wealthy. She pointed out all the must-see pieces at Kelvingrove (van Gogh’s painting, Monet’s, Scottish colourists, State Visit of Her Majesty), also gave us useful tips on touring in Scotland, Tartans, etc. She talked about how her family members embrace Scottish culture and apply traditional Scottish elements in their daily life. As I feel this local pride, I feel like I love this city a little more than before.


Riverside Museum



^ Kelvingrove Galley of Art


^ My tour guide and a lovely couple from London.


Glasgow people like to create things. I’ve heard the name Mackintosh so many times today, and people told me “everyone has something of Mackintosh here in Glasgow.” Many draw in the galleries and along the riverside, exhibitions everywhere.


Something interests me: an exhibit is cancelled at Gallery of Modern Art, so I asked one of the staff if he knew the reason. He said it was the artist’s decision to cancel, as she thought she did not reach what she wanted for this exhibition.

“Oh well.. it must be a big loss to the gallery.” I said.

“Well, yea but no. As we knew this change, we still opened up this room for visitors to see the beauty, of just the room. You know, it is really hard to see the room empty, and it is very nice to see it in this way.”

True, it is beautiful on its own πŸ™‚


Everywhere I go, I can see the flag sign “People Make Glasgow.” It is evident and obvious that the city keeps itself together by inspiring and getting inspired. Seen in this way, Glasgow’s atmosphere is more chill and friendly as everyone owns the city. No stress, no anxiety, because you own it.


I didn’t get enough time to explore Hunterian Museum, but it is something on my list for next time πŸ™‚


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