Highlands, I am answering (Into the Highlands Day 1, Sept 1st)

I’ve been craving for the spectacular sceneries of Scotland highlands for a long while. Endless mountains, beautiful water, nice tunes, and somehow attractive accents (by attractive, I mean the accents that actually drag me to listen and react to). After Glasgow, I thought that I was ready to camp and march in the highlands, At least I thought I was.


So here I went, highlands. My trip on September 1st started from Glasgow, where my travel buddies , Wei and his mom, picked me up from my hostel. We went to Decathlon in the suburb to shop for camping necessities. According to Wei, all I need is 3 things: a tent, sleeping pad and sleeping bag. I got all those and we just went on the road.


Loch Lomond was the first stop we made. This national park is absolutely huge, that it got a few towns in it. We went for a picnic in Luss, a very nice little town. Every cottage got colourful flowers in the front yard. The lake view here is amazing, as you got to see basically the whole lake from the deck. We went for a walk around the village, took a glimpse into different townhouses and the church (as well as church’s backyard).


Keeping driving, we had to make stops alongs the way because the sun was out! People say, everything looks better in the sun. Not that I agree with this, but Loch Lomond did look like a tiffany diamond.


Glencoe! We are coming for ya. Not sure which one was Glencoe valley, so we stopped at every valley that seems like a magnificent one.


Since the weather looks promising somehow, we decided to go to Fort William to shop a bit and hit a campsite right by Ben Nevis. We were driving a bit too fast so we totally missed the campsite for the first time, but it is actually really easy to find since there is only one way hehe.


My first attempt to set up a tent is total success. Ben Nevis Campsite is well-equipped, with basically everything you need for a good night-stay. There is a dining car serving hot food and drinks. And the restaurant and bars are just walking distance away. The nest morning, I went to the restaurant for breakfast, and the view of Ben Nevis is absolutely breathtaking. There is no way you wanna miss that.

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