Somewhere over the rainbow, somewhere in the Skye (Ben Nevis to Isle of Skye, September 2nd)

Today’s itinerary was something I hesitated about for a few weeks before departure. I heard a little about Isle of Skye, most of which was about how people overrated this place and how everyone should avoid it while doing trips. However, the classic Portree photo won me back in every self debate.


Here we go then.

In the early morning, I was freezing awake. I forgot about the neck support. I slept without a pillow :/ I can’t describe how bad that feels like, so please don’t try it. At the moment, I just need a hearty goodie breakfast to wake me up. I walked up to the restaurant, the road is still empty, everything seems so fresh and peaceful. Ben Nevis quietly stood there, watching me while I made my moves. I felt free, but only with a bit of concern in mind. I think this happens every time I lost track with my calories and social media. It was good to recharge everything this morning.


And to be fair, the breakfast is not expensive at all. I got a “Half Ben” English Breakfast (and it was still a bit too much), and the restaurant buffet just came with it. Hot tea, warm toast with homemade jams, pastries of all kinds. Can life be better?

And the drive started:


Loch Lochy, Loch Garry, Eilean Donan Castle.

In Scotland, even though the sky is not away clear and bright, the cloud and rain bring out the real beauty. I like how the shadow moves on the lochs while the clouds are travelling. I enjoy seeing the tide and wave on the lochs without sunshine giving them all the bright and blue. What I like the most, is when it is not windy, and the water is stead like a mirror to show the counter face of mountains and Scottish sky.


Eilean Donan Castle. Later when I skyped with my father, he said “it was such a treasure that most European countries still have old ruins to visit, most of Chinese dynasties don’t have anything left out for the crowd nowadays to study from.” it is sad though.

It is time to go over the sea to Skye!!!!


We camped at Sligchan that night. There is a bar nearby with hearty food and drinks. (Tried Hot Toddy for the first time and it warmed me up!) But the camping experience? Too windy….

That night, I made a big decision. Do not ever make yourself uncomfortable just to go with the status quo. You can change you life, because you own it; you make your own decisions, because you are independent, FREE. I decided to walk away from this mother and son combo, mostly because they made me feel super uncomfortable and they were really dull (had no expectation for this journey). I have no idea how I would complete my adventure without a car ride, but I am certain I can have a better time 🙂


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