Where Nessie Lives (Inverness & Loch Ness, Sept. 5th)

It is quite an interesting transport rail in Scotland, as there is no direct train to Inverness from Fort William – if you wanna travel in between these two places by train, you gotta take the train to Glasgow (or Perth) as transit. Bus seems like an ideal way, because the route is right by Loch Ness. I did my geography and chose the side that can see Loch Ness hehe. Well, unfortunately, I fell asleep on the bus.



Inverness looks like a classic European town, the caption on the street is “The City in the Highlands.” Alright alright, you have it then. To be honest, it is great to go back to somewhere more modern (bite me if u disagree :///)


I did a bit of local research on the best place to appreciate Loch Ness, and apparently Dores Beach is one of the best. I got there by bus around 9.30 in the morning, it was a bit cloud but very quiet. No one in sight for about an hour, so I did a time lapse without any support equipment. Yeah, all my fingers were frozen numb after that half an hour lol. 


The little trailer belongs to a gent who’s been here for several years, thanks to his pure passion for finding Nessie. As I grew up reading the Nessie story, I was educated that it is one of the most successful marketing stories for local business. I’ve never doubted that this is a made-up story. But who can be sure that there is nothing unique in this lake, especially when it looks so boundless and vast? I did notice there was a green Nessie-shaped float on the surface, which was a funny twist to my eyes.


There is also a trail by the loch in the forest, absolutely worth exploring. Some plants are quite spiky, beware.


The Inn at Dores Beach offers really hearty soup and awesome loch view from their patio. It was showering when I got there for lunch, so I didn’t stay too long on the patio. It’d be packed on the sunny days ❤


Back to the city. It was sunny and bright on that afternoon, and I felt lucky. Just walking by the river ness, everything looks so much better in the sun.



Gin and tonic macaron also made my day somehow >< The other one was earl grey.


I got super value ticket to Wick for the next day! Only 8.50 pounds XD. So thrilled to be up north.


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