To The End (John O’Groats, Sept. 7th)


My original plan for Scotland Highlands was to drive along North Coast 500, stopping at every place for anything that seems spectacular. I couldn’t complete that on this trip, but there is one thing I definitely need to do, and that is hitting John O’Groats.

John O’Groats, one of the places I don’t know how to pronounce in Chinese. I had a problem explaining to my family and friends (who are Chinese-speaking) that I’m going to a super cool place in Scotland. I’d say “that’s like one of the north-est place in Scotland,” and my friends googled and told me “uh no, that should be Dunnet Head.”

Yeah, I know :))))) Just to give you an idea lol/

I got to know John O’Groats through Condé Nast Travellers. Those beautiful Natural Retreats houses got my heart, but I’ve never thought of living in one of them. The signpost looks very cliche, but honestly, it is one of the things I must do.

There is an advanced ticket from Inverness to Wick, for 8.50 quid. Why not? An easy bus ride from Wick will take me to John O’Groats in no time. When I head south later, i can do the same thing but transiting at Thurso, which is another direction of beaut sceneries. The tip here is to always trust the train people. Ask them for the best deal, and I don’t think they would disappoint you anyhow.

Departing in the early morning, I got to see the sunrise on the east coast of Highlands while heading towards Wick.

It’s a long train ride.. but the view is amazing.

IMG_0816Invergordon, one of the train stops, has some laughable murals that are very eye-catching. I was gonna take some photos but my eyes were a bit too busy haha.

IMG_0831 In John O’Groats, every bit of awe starts from here.

IMG_0837IMG_0847IMG_0856IMG_0860IMG_0868IMG_0873IMG_0875IMG_0876IMG_0892IMG_0894IMG_0904IMG_0918IMG_0936IMG_0940IMG_0942IMG_0916 Chicken, haggis, potato smash. I don’t know.IMG_0922IMG_0923IMG_0941IMG_0934IMG_0928IMG_0939IMG_0911

Written on the bucket list:

Come back here;

Rent a Natural Retreats Inn;


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