Just A Ferryboat Away (Northern Ireland – Giant Causeway, Belfast, etc. Sept 8-10th)

IMG_0987The Dark Hedges

IMG_1007IMG_1009IMG_0956IMG_1123The Giant Causeway (Friend from Shanghai, living in Glasgow)IMG_1030IMG_1139IMG_1154IMG_1170IMG_1177IMG_1187IMG_1192IMG_1336 Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge. (Trying not to compare with Capilano Suspension Bridge…)IMG_1213 A little town called Ballymena.IMG_1214IMG_1217IMG_1219IMG_1220IMG_1211IMG_1383IMG_1352 Don’t just look at the fish. Look at what it carries on itself. News, stories, history; thoughts. IMG_1333 Queen’s university of BelfastIMG_1360IMG_1372 Restaurant Recommendation: Made in Belfast. Healthy whole food with creativity and innovation. Pre-show menu available. IMG_1375IMG_1377IMG_1425 Sampling myself chocolates since the weather swings a bit too much here.IMG_1424IMG_1401IMG_1419 Botanical Garden, Rose Garden near Queen’s University. The whole plan is quite impressive, types and kinds are marked clear (educative?)IMG_1418IMG_1417IMG_1414IMG_1422

“When we were younger, we thought everyone was on our side;

Then we grew a little, and romanticised the time I saw flowers in your hair.

See it takes a boy to live, takes a man to pretend he was there.”

Flowers in Your Hair, The Lumineers 


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