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對話 | 爱,性,权力?Love, Sex, Power?

『我不知道我是不是愛上他了?』- 寒蟬效應,不能說的夏天
關於性,我們有很多可以探討: 時間,地點,人物,情願與強制,施虐與受虐,支配與臣服。



討論版鏈接 https://padlet.com/ubcdialogue/8gcfxa5ys4gx
大家可以提前把自己的看法和話題相關內容分享到這個討論版上。討論版采取匿名形式,但希望大家秉持“傾聽,分享,尊重”的理念,建立一個和諧舒適的討論平臺。討論版會一直開放到活動結束後的三天,大組討論時沒有機會分享自己觀點的朋友們,可以在上面繼續發聲! 雙擊背景版任意地方即可發帖。



“I’m not sure, is it love, or is it something else?”
Sex, could be a matter of timing, location, people. Willing and forced, sadomasochism, dominance and submission.
Love, might be more complicated: occasions, feelings, longing for companionship, many kinds of hormones, many types of dependence, Stockholm Syndrome.
Among those words and categories, where do you see *power*?
Can we be slaves to chemistry?
Or, does chemistry make us slaves?
Sex and love, are they the AB sides to a cassette, or parallel paths to joy? And what if we add a flavor of power into them?

This awakening March, along with many others back to life and arousal, “listen to your heart, as it will direct you the path.”
See you there, with or without any chemistry between us. *The event is FREE and light refreshments will be provided.
**We encourage you to use the language you are most comfortable with. We will provide translation in the event.

[Discussion Padlet]
Link to discussion forum: https://padlet.com/ubcdialogue/8gcfxa5ys4gx
Here, you can share your views and/or any relevant contents in advance. All the posts are on condition of anonymity, but we advise you to bear in mind the idea of “Listen, Share, and Respect”, to create a comfortable discussion platform for all. The forum will remain open until three days after the event. For those who may not have chances to share your thoughts during the big-group discussion, we encourage you to do so on the forum. There is no small voice in changing the world!

[About UBC Hua Dialogue]
Established in 2014, UBC Hua Dialogue is a student-led platform for discussions of social, cultural and political issues related to the Hua-communities. Our value is “listen, share, respect” and we welcome students of all background and identities to join us.

Our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ubcdialogue

Please PM us on Facebook or contact ubcdialogue@gmail.com for any questions or comments.

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