UBC 對話 Hua Dialogue 2018-2019 Recruitment





1. 行政管理(Administration)
2. 市場宣傳(Marketing)
3. 公共關係(Public Relations)




UBC 對話


Hey, you. Yes, you. Unique, pensive, creative, engaging, inclusive you.
Uh, “do I know you”? Pfft. No matter who you are, you are our type.
Hua Dialogue, as an inclusive community, has been around for almost half decade. We embrace diversity and individuality; we strive to bring all together to discuss contentious issues in an inclusive & attentive approach. Now, no matter where you come from, we want like-minded people to join our team – and that is, YOU!
Do you like event planning/production, group discussion facilitation and hosting?
Do you want to accumulate more experience in digital marketing, public relations, and administration?
Would you fancy a group of endless ideas and creativity?
Are you interested in polishing your Chinese-English interpretation and translation skills? Or simply, would you be interested in current affairs and topics related to Chinese communities around the globe?
If you’ve read so far – (link) – a simple form will provide you a great opportunity to be a Dialoguer. Fill out the application form by (date), and our facilitators will contact you for a little chat in no time 😉) Cheers!
Oopsy, did I mention we hang out for food and fun, like a lil gang? Oh yeah!

Recruitment Form: https://goo.gl/forms/zGdf8pBtj978BeFt2

*Please fill in the recruitment form by the midnight of April 6th
**We will arrange the interview as soon as possible

In the past years, UBC Hua Dialogue has organized more than thirty dialogue events, and many of you have participated in our events. We hope you have all enjoyed our event and we know that many of you are looking forward to seeing more interesting and meaningful events. Under this circumstance, we would like to continue the development of Hua Dialogue and invite more people on board! We are sincerely looking forward to more exciting events and a more splendid platform with your support!

Our departments:

1. Administration
* Arrange meetings and take notes
* Dealing with finance (e.g. reimbursement)
* Archive event materials and important files

2. Marketing
* Promote events on different platforms
* Design promotional materials (e.g. event posters and event pages)
* Communicate with general audiences (e.g. reply audiences’ questions)

3. Public Relations
* Apply for funds and search for sponsorship
* Connecting with faculty, department, school administration and the AMS
* Outreach other persons/organizations within and out the Greater Vancouver Region

If you are interested in being a facilitator, please fill in the recruitment form by the midnight of April 6th!


UBC Hua Dialogue


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