Be where you are. (Garibaldi Lake, July 22nd)

I’ve been waiting to use a caption in the past years. And that is –

“Turning 22 on 22nd.”


However, I did not use this on any social media platforms.

I’ve been waiting to throw the best 22 party ever: with all my friends in pajamas, singing to catchy songs, one amongst which sounds like “I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22.”

And yet, I did not throw a 22 party, at least not on my birthday or for my birthday.


My turning point at 22 is nothing like I pictured.

I woke up at 6am, drank a lot of water, brewed myself a cup of tea, and hit the road.

I went to Garibaldi Lake.

IMG_4082 This is Garibaldi Lake. It’s formed with glacier water, you can see the snow mountain in the summer; which, to me, is a privilege. I can still recall Matterhorn, Zermatt from 2 years ago, vividly.

So I decided, I wanna do the hike to Garibaldi on my birthday. No other words.

I’m a class 7 driver, meaning I can only take one passenger on my vehicle; I’m also a novice driver, meaning that driving on Sea to Sky might be risky for my passenger and myself.

I took Lakey. Because she’s also a new driver, and she’s determined to take a picture at the Lake doing yoga pose.


You can’t just see the lake. You gotta hike for a few good hours before then. Lakey didn’t know. So it became me being her personal cheerleader on the trail. Giving her my best cheer “La-key, clap clap clap” along the way, while people just looked at me for one sec and passed by.

There is never a great hike without meaningful conversations with a hearty friend. We discussed about Trump and Putin, life ahead and beyond Vancouver, good songs we listen to. And most importantly, what we were going to eat for dinner.

And as meaningful as it is, we recorded the times we’ve  brought that up:






And at 11:31, I’ve decided that I wanted to go to that unbeatable Moroccan restaurant on Robson. As open-minded as Lakey always is, she was happily obliged.

The hike is definitely longer than we’d anticipated. In the meantime, I found it much more interesting than I expected. We used the trail through Taylor Meadows, which is absolutely stunning. The clouds are moving so fast; the wind’s hardly blowing. Snow peaks surround the meadows, and we kind of forgot how we usually breathe.

Breathtaking view. Is this where the wording comes from?

There are two trails ahead, one goes to the Lake, one goes up to Black Tusk, where you can see the whole lake from above. We were determined to go to the Lake cuz’ I’m keen on swimming; and Lakey was too tired to go further up.

Sometimes it’s amazing to think about this. On trails you get to see your path ahead clear and straightforward, as they are all marked out. If you are sane, you’d make a choice among the options. Easy and simple, all you need to do is follow the path and move forward. You might need to grin a bit to make it through, but you know you are on the right path.

But how do you make sure that you are on the right path of your life? There’s no direction clearly presented in front of you. It’s all about possibilities. You can take the long way, or go for the short cut. There are so many more mountains and lakes on the way, and there can even be a beach, without any hills in sight.

How you take it, tuum est.

This time, we are focused and determined to see one thing, Garibaldi Lake. So, when we had a bit of jewel blue within our sight, we became much more motivated to fasten our pace.


And there it is.


No doubt, I took a dip. Thank you, glacier, for the purest water I’ve ever swam in. It’s heaven.

No one’s around me to take up space. No one’s chasing to beat my record. I have the whole lake to myself. It’s my childhood dream come true.


Cold water makes people more alert, activates our immune system, and makes us feel more alive. I’m blessed to experience the water, honestly, I can even do ads for this water.


In school, we learned that if you climb over the mountains, you’ll see the greatest view; meanwhile, it is possible that there’ll be more mountains after mountains. The people who first found this lake after hours and hours of hike, they are the champions.


It also makes me wonder how far I can go. How far can I go without knowing where exactly my path is taking me. How far can I go without feeling empty inside of me. How far can I go without burning myself. How far can I go without thinking too much of the consequences, the loss and gain.

The least I know is, for sure, that I don’t want to do it all alone. I can, but I don’t want to.

I’ve met amazing people on my winding road. And I know that sometimes it might last forever, but I can be grateful for what we’ve had as unique memories.

Processed with VSCO with a9 preset

Without you, I can’t go this far; or, i can’t go further.

I had a lot of opportunities to make my birthday wishes these days. And I do hope they come true one day. And one thing is for real – to make peace with myself. Does it have a time limit? Before moving away from this beautiful country.


It’s in progress, as always. Keep swimming 🙂



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