Oh, Bowen. (Mount Gardner, May 19)

Victoria Day marks the beginning of the best season in a year – SUMMER.


When I’m around Vancouver, I can’t help but longing for a life in the mountains and amidst the sea. When my friends and I drive across Lions Gate Bridge to North Vancouver, I’m amazed by how green North Van is, and how exclusive those houses are. It’s a peaceful part of the town. North Van and West Van feel more affirmative than other places, Forests after forests, mountains upon mountains. My experience to find the best real estate region, or the most livable part of town, teaches me not to look at those reality prices; but rather, looking for where the Persian stores are. That leads us to West Van, where the sea and sky connect.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Lookout on Mount Gardner

Bowen Island is only a 20-minute ferry away from Horseshoe Bay. I was here last summer, but our group didn’t do much. My friend and I only walked around the lake because we didn’t have enough time to hike Mount Gardner. This time, I’m determined I’d hike to the top and salute to the city for having me here.

Einer and I went on this trail since Elaine couldn’t make it. We were talking about tech jobs and our past swimmer life all the way up, also, how difficult this trail is. Einer has beautiful legs (in his words, legs that women dream to have), very thin lines, so later on the trail he was getting a lot of cramps. We took some breaks to sip water and eat granola bars. And after a few conversations with hiking strangers, we made it to the top. It’s all worth it.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Lookout deck on Mount Gardner


Can’t wait to take in and take on everything worthy ahead this summer 🙂


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