A Taste of West Coast (West Coast Trail, Jun 7-9)

I met Winnie in a Toastmasters club, we talked a bit and decided that we should hang out. After a yoga class, a boxing class, a few times of outdoor exploration, we made it real: “Let’s have a crew to go to West Coast Trail!”

Jun 5, after the 3rd day of my new job, I took the skytrain back to Vancouver with my almost-ready hiking pack. For the first time, I think I can leave with the weight on my shoulder, anywhere on earth.


IMG_0620Day 0: Vancouver -> Nanaimo

We had “the best pizza in Nanaimo” at Mambo. I don’t remember how the pizza tastes like anymore, but that night, the sunset at the campsite was superb with a touch of carb and cheese.

Rainee came in the middle of the night because of her class, we were a little worried about driving in such dark road. She made it safe and sound, which is to everyone’s content.


Day 1: Nitinaht Village -> Tsusiat Falls


We encountered our first ladder set, I love ladders.

And more, I like what’s after the ladder – Waterfall on the beach. Insane!


We had our first hot meal on the trail that evening.

And yes, self-made bonfire.


Day 2: Tsusiat Falls -> Michigan

Waking up to the ocean. Isn’t that my life goal since kindergarten?


We met Kevin on the trail and started hiking together.

Beauty on the trail


Kevin had been hiking on his own for 5 days before he met us. I consider that REALLY hardcore. He also lives one of my dream cities, working in a startup – Can he be my role model?! It’s amusing how people bond on the trail. Marching and talking, questioning, pondering, laughing. All day long.

How often do you get to bond with others like that?



Sleeping on the beach might be my favourite thing now; better yet, the moon that night was mesmerizing.

Day 3: Michigan -> Pachena Bay


I think Abel would really like this trail. Here’s a sticker art of his. 9th TEMPLE on Bridge 9.


Pachena Lighthouse: this might be the most candid and ONLY group photo we have with 5 of us. Jordan, Rainee, Kevin, me, Winnie.



Straightforward: I feel really lucky to be on this trail, with some amazing people, meeting amazing people, hiking on one of the most beautiful trail in the world.

I can still smell those dried, salty seaweed burning in the sun by the ocean.

I can still see the steep ladders leading to a beautiful waterfall right on the beach.

I can still hear Mikey and his friend seeing their Nation’s song and playing traditional game with us.

I can still feel the warmth of bonfire flames right on my face, red & white cedar wood burning – the most wonderful wood scent I’ve ever encountered.


I can still breathe, walk, laugh, and think. I’m lucky. I still have time to do so much, to create a sense of existence. As I am, I will.

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