It’s Gonna Be Ok


I just want to write this quick note so you can remember the amazing floral scent you smelt when you walked outside tonight. Remember the perfect temperature, not so hot and not so cold.


How everything is just in the place as should, even though we have no idea what is normal anymore.


Cherish the days when you could eat whatever you want, and yet not feeling extremely awful because you need to meet up with friends and others. And now that we are about to reopen and return to society, you need to get yourself together, happier than ever.

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Remember how people can check-in and leave as they want, thanks to the internet; and how friends decided to stay around.


Mark all the great AirBnBs you have been eyeing on different lands. They will be your lighthouse after the quarantine, when you may depart again.


Don’t ever take for granted the friends you text late at night, while randomly throwing in a worry. Or the friends you can reach out to and strike a convo without initiating small talks.


You and I, we started this year at the acme of Patagonia, Mt Fitz Roy. And from that point on, it seems like we have been on a downward spiral. It was supposed to be “the year” you have everything cleared on your path. But now, life is teaching you a lesson.


You will probably always be haunted by the horrible things you’ve done in life, let’s not lie about this. And for a lot of those, you couldn’t do anything to make amends, so just move on and be a better person. And do not make the same mistake ever, since now you know how you’d feel afterward.


You know what you want now. Go get it. 


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