Little Things I’d Like to Remember About the City – First Month In.

Aug 24, 2021

The taxi driver tried talking me out of moving to Manhattan.

Sky and Oz took me to Rosie’s. When we got there, I realized I’d been there in 2018 for Mexican brunch. I guess I’m realizing little Anita’s dream without knowing?

Evening breeze at Washington Square Park. Here’s to the first of many.

Aug 25, 2021

Reunited with Medellin IxDA crew OG Aaron. Having coffee and talking about the journeys in the last two years. Biking around the manhattan island from FiDi to Little Island.

Aug 26, 2021

Before I went out of my room today, I cried with a “colleague” on counseling hotline.

Central park picnic with Internations New York and Diego’s little brother.

Can I do a triathlon in the city? Should I do a photoshoot to represent my people? How am I gonna get used to my new life?

Aug 27, 2021

Showing Leo around NYU and east village.

Walked home from chelsea. Sunset is beautiful.

Aug 28, 2021

Meeting up with Karin after almost 10 years… What an eventful day connecting with our inner kids. Went on the carousel at Prospect point, had Arabica coffee, saw the KAWS exhibition.

Aug 29, 2021

Meeting up with Grace, chatting about the good ol’ times in Vancouver.

Got my first piece of furniture – clothing rack, check.

Aug 30, 2021

Met up with Nirja and Mrugakshi at WSP. Walked digs and had dinner with Aishu. Cool people, nice village.

Aug 31, 2021

Met up with Flora and Anteneh separately at La Colombe, and then chatted with Urvi at Blue Stripe. Soem of the best white truffle matcha i’ve ever had.

Had the best convo with anastasia about basically almost everything. Not exaggerating.

Sept 1, 2021

Skirball graudate welcome. Overwhleming. Everyone seems to have a great story to tell. But no one seems to be interested in who I am. New York humbles me 🙂

Flash flooding pouring rain.

Sept 2, 2021

Met up with JuanCarlos, Fany’s friend. Great to be out at night without feeling unsafe.

Sept 3, 2021

First ballet class at Joffrey. Amazing sweat session.

Sept 4, 2021

DC trip with the UBC crew.

Sept 5, 2021

Planning out my life in NYC and lowkey panicking.

Bought tickets to go back to Vancouver.

Sept 6, 2021

People tried to talk me out of going back to Vancouver for Indigenous day.

Simon talked me out of it.

Got dumped.

But finally met up with people from my program. All very interesting peeps and exicted for the program to start.

I guess i live here now.

Sept 7, 2021

Sometimes people say things to you so they would feel better themselves.

I think I’m experiencing some of the best feelings in life right now. I’m the fox in le petit prince. It’s all very good.

Sept 8, 2021

There was no abnormal psych class, so i went for coffee with some classmates. Great convo.

Sept 9, 2021

Ethiopian food with Anteneh and Sky.

Sept 10, 2021

Drinks at Grizzly Pear with the cohort. Amazing energy from people.

Sept 11, 2021

Sky and Oz helped me build my loft bed… I’d never have been able to do it myself. Amazing peeps. Then we went for Indian food and dessert at spot.

Someone was playing music at Thompkin Square Park. Soothing rhythm on a breezy night.

Sept 12, 2021

Morning photoshoot with Aygun at central park… surreeal experience.

What’s more surreal is going to coney island with Karin. Never knew we had so much in common. Had a great time.

Moving on.

Sept 13, 2021

Went tailgating at the MET gala. Saw Emily Chamberlain (didn’t know who that was), Anna Wintour, FINNEAS, Giveon (didn’t know who that was), and Billie Eilish.

Sept 14, 2021

Studied with Nirja at Bobst. Got a candid photo haha.

Had ballet class at NYTB. It was okay.

Sept 15, 2021

Great convo with Raidys.

Sept 16, 2021

Frist date after a while. Underwhelming.

Sept 17, 2021

Drinks with new friends at Rainie Law Room. Amazing venue, good chat. Feeling recharged on a Friday night.

Sept 18, 2021

Great chat and coffee, evene lined up at Russ & Daughters.

Went to my first baseball game with Anteneh. It was a great time.

Sept 19, 2021

Went on a hike with some awesome peeps at Bear Mountain! Recharged.

Sept 20, 2021

Woke up early for a walk, and did volunteering in the morning.

Met up with Glenmarie. Called Anita Banana.

Sept 21, 2021

Woke up early. Great momentum!

Sept 22, 2021

Met up with rafa, michel’s friend. Great convo about latino artists in america.

Sept 23, 2021

Another flash flooding. Locked myself out in the rain. But the key man didn’t charge me at all! Feeling grateful.

Also great convo with Dawei about drama therapy.

Sept 24, 2021

Night out with counseling friends in UES. Ice cream parlour turned speakeasy is super cool.

Also got a blood test.

Sept 25, 2021

San gemmaro in little italy with counseling friends. Talked about our animal/colour/water body preference.

Also met up with Irene and some others.

Sept 26, 2021

Stayed up late last night till 4am to prepare for the 9am bandura meeting (procratination kills).

Went to blue stripes again… But the convo is not so great this time around. The owner is super nice to me tho.

First month was not easy.

I thought about packing up and going back to Vancouver multiple times. And now i’m glad I didn’t. Grateful for the people i’ve been meeting here and things i’m going through.

The week of sept 27-30 is still pretty fresh. But I can say I’ve started takign care of myself much better. I went to the doctor’s for a checkup, got my flu shot and blood test done. Had a facial, met up with some friends, attended a pilates class, went to a social event and had some in-depth convos (w/ Maurice, Daphne, Karan, Peggy, etc.) Learned more about Laban movement analysis from Eileen in the laundromat, had a phone call with Radha who i will definitely keep in touch and even ask for a mentorship.

Like always, keeping my heart open. Things keep getting better.

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