Hiya from Anita


Hi there.

Bonjour !


China, Switzerland, Canada, and the UK. Nationality unknown. Since some part of world is still unknown to me.

Before moving to Vancouver, I lived my life day to day as if I couldn’t care less. Now, I’m still trying to figure out what I will hold onto for the rest of my life. In the meanwhile, I strive to exert myself to the utmost, seek everything that makes me more “me”.

Ballet is a part of it. Reading and writing about it, too. As dancing means to be a move, I immerse myself into the wilderness – the world with a mixture of nature and culture, a life that roots in our brain and mind. Just as much as I love learning &practicing *speakable* languages, I am also fascinated by the power of nonverbal communication through affection and movements. In my opinion, documenting those would be a challenging & interesting part of any life experiences.


With this being said, I aspire to observe and optimize every tiny little bit of moments that need to be seen in a human’s life. How one influences others, and how one is influenced by all.

There must be something in your life that makes you believe in “it’s written.” For me, it’s to travel. It’s to challenge yourself under different circumstances, making yourself a better person. It’s leading you towards your future.


On this site, I post random stuff that inspires me in some way and things that I find amusing. I hope, that one day, I will find a pattern through this pile. I also hope you can get something from this pile, no matter what brought you here!


(All the thanks to my grandma’s ultimate inspirations, since the first day of my life. This site is totally built on everyday habits she taught me into, i.e.,  to see, to think, to write. And to everyone in my family – my love and gratitude will always be unconditional.)


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