[Adapted Translation] Payment & Release Form

Original Content (English):

Payment Information

Payment can be made by money order, certified cheque or bank draft payable to (_). Fees may be wired directly to the bank. Please contact us for banking information before transferring money.

Refund Policy

All applications for refunds must be made in writing and addressed to the International Student Program office of the (_). Calculations for refunds will be made based upon date of receipt of written notification.

  • Full refund less $200 administrative charge if application for Student/Visitor visa is rejected.
  • 2/3 refund if you withdraw more than 30 days before program start date.
  • 1/2 refund if you withdraw more than 14 days before program start date.
  • No refund if you withdraw less than 14 days before program start date.

Release Form

We, the undersigned, request that our son/daughter be allowed to participate in the full range of activities that will take place during the International Summer School Program.

We, the undersigned, do waive and release all claims against (_) for any injury, loss, damage, accident, delay or expense resulting from the applicant’s participation in the International Summer School Program. I understand that my child’s photo may be taken during the program for educational purposes and that the photos may be used for educational advertisement (digital or print) in the future. We also release the (_) and agree to indemnify them, with regard to any financial obligation or liabilities that the applicant may cause while participating in the International Summer School Program. We understand that the (_) is not responsible for any loss or injury suffered by the applicant during periods of travel. If the applicant becomes ill or incapacitated, the (_) may take such actions as it considers necessary, including securing medical treatment and transporting the applicant home at his or her own expense. We release (_) #35 from all liability related to such actions. We understand the applicant’s participation in the program may be terminated at the discretion of the Administrator of the International Student Program without any refund of fees, and that the applicant may be sent home at his or her own expense if he or she violates school rules, the district code of conduct, and/or the laws of BC and/or Canada.

I have read the above and agree to both the medical release authorization and the release clause.

Adapted to our needs and conditions, here is the Chinese translation based on its structure:

收款方支持境外付款与微信支付的方式收取应付金额。具体付款方式请联系收款方:指北针教育(APASS Education Group)。

• 在学生签证没有申请成功的情况下,收款方将退还除申请费100加币以外的已付款项;
• 若在游学项目出发日期前30日(及以上)提出退款,游学项目金额的2/3将被退还给申请人;
• 若在游学项目出发日期前14日(及以上)提出退款,游学项目金额的1/3将被退还给申请人;
• 若在游学项目出发日前14天之内提出退款,游学项目金额将无法被退回。

如果儿女在整个旅游学习交换的过程中如因自身的健康状况导致受伤、生病、伤亡等意外情况的发生,我们免除对加拿大指北针教育(APASS Education Group)的索赔要求与诉讼权。所产生的一切费用与责任(包括但不限于在当地的医疗、食宿、交通、提前或延后返抵中国的交通、运输费等),均有本人及家属全部承担,不会向收款方与组织方追究任何责任。

This piece has been used and published by APASS Education Group.