Translation/Interpretation 翻译作品

We live in the world of multilingualism and multiculturalism. Even though technology is helping us out and lessening our burden by doing some basic communicative translation for us, it can never get to the level of literacy and poignancy from a person who truly understands the context and its audience.

As an event planner and marketing specialist, I am working with an education consulting corp, operated by a Mandarin-speaking team and targeted towards Chinese communities in a multilingual society. My duties include translation and interpretation on paper work, marketing materials, and on-site events.

In the meantime, with my title at APASS Education Group being Executive Assistant, I work closely with my executive director, who is actively involved in Lions Club International,  Toastmaster International, LAHOO Canada. These organizations are leading non-profit or media organizations, targeting a large range of population, a huge proportionate of Chinese speaking population included. Therefore, I am more than grateful that I can have opportunities to write interview reports, translate for news and announcements, and interpret for meetings and events.

Here is an interesting throwback to my career choices a few years ago, when I was hesitating about which career paths I should take on. Being a simultaneous interpreter was one of the options, since it is something I’m good at and that I’ve been granted with privilege to practice since my teenage years. The reason I crossed it out from my list, at the time, was that I wouldn’t want repeating and promoting other people’s ideas and thoughts to be my career. This applies to my current mindset as well – I want to use my own words and have my voice on matters, helping people with my knowledge of life as well as my other qualities as a person. I want to understand people, society, and the world through my career; and further, to help humans and the society with what I’ve seen lacking in the world. As clear as I don’t want to pursue translation/interpretation as a life-long career, I still have the ability and skills to be an excellent communicator, who is intrigued by the endless amazement languages (any kinds of languages) can offer. I find pleasure from translating and interpreting, because I know that I’m helping more people access information and knowledge, and that I can help people better understand the world, even just a tiny little bit.

I am aware that I have much to learn in the future, and I like to see my progressive improvement over time. Moreover, I’d love to hear your feedback and suggestions on my work; remember, communication is key to many things!

Work Sample 作品样板

[Adapted Translation] Payment & Release Form

[Presentation Interpretation] BC & Alberta Guide Dogs

[Workshop Interpretation] BC Independent Schools Application Info Session