Hua Dialogue 對話



I joined UBC Hua Dialogue in September 2016 as a marketing executive and event planner/facilitator.

UBC Hua Dialogue is a student-led platform for discussions of social, cultural and political issues related to the Hua-communities. Being a bilingual Chinese heritage, my cultural and language background can benefit from while contributing to this organization’s growth. More importantly, its value, “listen, share, respect”, is coherent with my career aspiration as a counsellor & as a marketing specialist.

Hua Dialogue welcomes students of all background and identities to join in our dialogue; yet, it’s a rising, growing community on UBC campus. With a focus on social media marketing and event planning, I’ve done bilingual copywriting and event production for several events, as listed below.


對話 | W[H]O YO[U] [A]RE


對話 | In ____ I Trust 我信仰____


對話 x NTGx | 碎片化閱讀 “Snack Reading”


Urban cleansing

對話 | 誰的城市?“低端人口”的驅逐 Whose City? Eviction of “Low-end Population”


Banner (最终版本 event page)

對話 | 爱,性,权力?Love, Sex, Power?


UBC 對話 Hua Dialogue 2018-2019 Recruitment